I'm a data scientist, designer, researcher, and writer.  I create physical interfaces with tangible materials, digital interfaces with code, and hybrid (physical + digital) interfaces.  Through my work I explore ways to make what is invisible or ignored, visible.  As a designer, I use speculative, data-driven, and human-centered methods to inspire my design and art practice.  As a researcher and data scientist, my work lies at the intersection of natural language processing, human-data interaction, visualization, and cultural heritage.
For my latest research, "Recalibrating Machine Learning for Social Biases: Demonstrating a New Methodology through a Case Study Classifying Gender Biases in Archival Documentation," I've investigated the capabilities and limitations of text classification models for identifying types of gender bias in archival metadata descriptions, collaborating with the University of Edinburgh's Heritage Collections department.  My past work experience includes positions of research software engineer, web developer and designer, graphic designer, and business and technology consultant.  I have a passion for interdisciplinary and collaborative work, particularly for bringing approaches from cultural heritage, the humanities, and the arts to computational research and work.  My academic degrees and industry positions have cut across libraries, archives, energy and utilities, retail, private equity, and finance.  Past clients and collaborators include: Alan Turing Institute, British Library, National Library of Scotland, National Trust for Scotland, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, and University of Edinburgh's Library & University Collections.
I have submitted my Ph.D. thesis in Institute for Language, Cognition, and Computation at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, and hold affiliations at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the HumanitiesCentre for Technomoral Futures, and Centre for Data, Culture & Society.  Currently, I'm available for full-time, freelance, and part-time work in the US.
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